Welcome to the REI KASH Disposition
Partnership with EDB Investment Solutions, LLC!

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with EDB Investment Solutions, LLC to make your deal-closing journey even smoother. This Joint Venture (JV) is aiming to address the challenges many of you faced in getting your deals closed.

How to collaborate

step 1

Deal Evaluation

To start, carefully review the criteria to ensure your deal aligns with what our current buyers are seeking. If you're not sure, no worries! You can submit the deal for our team to review within the next 48 business hours.

step 2

Deal Submission

If your deal meets the criteria or if you're unsure and want our expert opinion, go ahead and submit it.

step 3

Review Process

Our dedicated team will diligently review your deal within 48 business hours. We're committed to providing you with prompt feedback and letting you know if we have a buyer interested in your deal.

Important Note:

While we strive to close every deal brought to us, it's essential to note that if we don't have a buyer for your specific deal, we will inform you within 48 business hours. Transparency is key, and we want to ensure you have the most up-to-date information about the status of your deal. Please look for an email from

Buyers Criteria